About us

Richards Group, ltd.

  • Very successfully solves one of the biggest challenges of our time, we draw the attention of the public to the inexhaustible treasury of the world of classical music through the development of cultural values at the highest level
  • Our project seeks to develop and promote the traditions of vocal art
  • Since 2009, we focus on providing comprehensive services in the field of culture including the support needed to charity
  • Organizes concerts of classical music, chamber concerts, symphonic concerts and performances for successful international artists
  • We are a serious partner for the artistic community. We support talented artists, providing them with quality, long-term and comprehensive care
  • In the field of cultural, we are in cooperation with the representative bodies of many countries as well as international organizations


  • Follow the basic principles of effective management of clients
  • Offers you only quality customized products/ services to international professional standards
  • Closely monitor reasonable balance between originality of creative solutions, features of the local market and the mentality of the target group
  • Work in challenging environments governed by strict financial discipline and corporate ethics
  • Optimizes the cost of project

     Prague, Czech Republic
     Tel:       +420 724 161 251

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